Tring… Tring… Nostalgic Rotary Telephones Launched

This is our latest discovery and we are going gaga over these telephones.

All phones use original parts such as the Rotary dial, gong bells, Transmitter & Reciever from Bakelite or GPO phones of bygone era. The brass dial is a definite charm because it creates the original sound effects along with the ringer. These are not toy phones, they work pretty well although they may not be your daily use phones. We are pretty sure your guests will give you a lot of compliments.

Candlestick Telephone

Candlestick Telephones are Antique Replicas of the popular 1890’s telephones. They were also known as “Upright” or “Stick” phones. You can read more about them on Wikipedia.

Here’s a classic picture of the candle stick telephone that we just loved, we think it speaks of the nostalgia this phone brings.

Desk Telephone, Boat

This is a Desk phone that can bring the perfect antique look to your study or living room!

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