• Feng Shui – Wealth & Success with Gold Accents

    We have done some research on Gold color as part our color series.  We are pleased to share some of these findings with our readers. Gold accents have a new reason to be in your home. Gold is an expression of the Fire element of Feng Shui.  Although we don’t think it’s a shortcut to success,…

  • Diwali Inspirations

    Decorating the home with lamps, lights, rangolis and torans – here are some creative inspirations for Diwali from Archana Srinivas’s home. Pictures by Archana Srinivas @ Rang Decor Stone, Vermillion & Flowers- the sanctity of all things natural! Traditional Diyas

  • The Artistic Home

    The Artistic Home

    Home is The place for us to unwind, connect with our selves and loved ones, introspect and get inspired each day to keep on going. Walking into a dull and boring space can be a real mood dampener not to mention demotivating. Creative and beautiful spaces are truly inspiring. Especially when the space reflects your…

  • Personalized Platters

    This is our first personalized product in a series of personal products that we have in plan. We are quite excited about this product to be launched for Valentines. Your message will be there for a long time to cherish.  Message is laser engraved onto the bottle platter.  Bottles are slumped in high temperature kilns…