Feng Shui – Wealth & Success with Gold Accents

We have done some research on Gold color as part our color series.  We are pleased to share some of these findings with our readers. Gold accents have a new reason to be in your home. Gold is an expression of the Fire element of Feng Shui.  Although we don’t think it’s a shortcut to success, it can create positive energy related to wealth, success, and financial gain.

“Golds and yellows are the darlings of a good feng shui home. Gold is very popular in feng shui because of its association with money and wealth, and yellow colour is the absolute colour of happiness and warmth”. You can read the full article by Rodika Tchi at About.com.

(c) Marie Claire Maison

Alla Kondrat writes on her blog “Since ancient times many world cultures have been considering golden hues to be a sign of wealth and authoritativeness. Even these days many people are found of golden accessories and gilding, and percept them as a manifestation of certain social status. As for the point of view of Feng Shui, it does not differ much”. Read her complete blog post.

If this got you inspired, you can shop for Gold Accents at Artissary.com.


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